Foundation Tanking System | BTM Bituproof


The new generation waterproofing system, BTM Bituproof, offers reliable and long-lasting solutions for the foundation bundling waterproofing of adjacent structures where construction is intense, and for foundations that cannot be excavated with slopes and will be exposed to high water pressure. System details are solved with Bituproof Y, Bituproof Y Plus and Bituproof D products according to their use on the foundation base and curtains. The component of the system used in the foundation base (under the raft), BTM BituProof Y, is a high-strength special polyester felt carrier with SBS additive, elastomeric modified bitumen, and its superior features are adhered with a torch.

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BTM Bituproof is designed to adhere to the wet concrete with its special sand layer, adhering to the principle that waterproofing should work together with static concrete. Since the product is directly attached to the static structure of the building, it does not require additional protection concrete on the foundation bases, and in foundation excavations, excavation is made as little as the height of the protection concrete. Since BTM Bituproof adheres perfectly to the concrete surface, it cannot move between the waterproofing and the concrete layer.