Liquid Bitumen Emulsion Primer Waterproofing Material | BTM BTR100


BTR-100 is a water-based bitumen emulsion used as primer in waterproofing. The application surface should be free of dust, dirt, rust and oil, and loose parts scraped.

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- Dampproofing exterior below-grade foundations and walls,
- As water insulation material in dry or slightly moist details such as kitchen, bathroom, etc.,
- As primer under bituminous waterproofing membranes,
- As primer material and binder in fiber glass, canvas, etc. applications,
- As an additive improving tightness and adherence in the mortars and plasters formed by cement and/or fine sand,
- In order to prevent flexion of construction templates due to water and as template separator

• As it does not contain solvent, it is environment friendly and can be easily used indoors.
• It can be applied on dry and damp surfaces.
• After drying, it forms a water and moisture proof layer on the surface of application.
• It is used as primer under bitumen coatings, and as an additive increasing tightness and adherence in insulation coatings and cement based mortars.