BTM Poliroof

Brand: BTM Poliroof

Poliroof APP added polymer bituminous, colored granular coated waterproofing membranes provide safe, light, economical and long lasting solutions to water insulation of sloping roofs.

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Poliroof membranes offer a unique waterproofing and durability in an economical way compared to other sloping roofing systems when used on the 2 mm thick Polibit C 2000 membrane applied as a 1st layer to the sloping roofs. In addition, it can be applied as a top coat or as a single layer in roofs and terraces.

Oil bitumen modified by addition of polymeric bitumen, polyolefin or polyolefin copolymer compound
Surface finish: Mineral
Bottom surface coating: Polyethylene film
Fittings type: Polyester
Storage: Must be protected from direct sunlight and be stored upright.
Ecological information: Waterproofing material and can be used in natural environment.

TS EN 13707