Green Roof System

Brand: BTM Optigreen

As BTM Optigreen Plant Green Roof Systems transforms into green cover using rainwater, it reduces excess drainage density and reduces waste water supply. Reduces air pollution and dust particles in the air. Increases oxygen production, vapor transmission is high. Increases the air quality we breathe and naturally reduces carbon emissions. With its high insulation value and its non-heat radiation structure, it reduces the heat island formation effect in cities. As a result, it reduces heating and cooling costs, increases urban comfort. It destroys the greenhouse gases and purifies the heavy metals that are mixed with the air in the soil. It creates architectural concepts integrated with green and rich in design and aesthetics. One of the system components, BTM Botanic Elastobit PE4 Waterproofing Cover is resistant to plant roots and has successfully passed 2 years of durability tests at WIHENSTEPHAN-TRIESDORF University in Germany.

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The building is designed as a floor garden on roofs, sloping roofs, landscaping applications, roofs on underground car parks; It is used as garden roofs on the building terraces with living and usage area at the bottom.

CE, FLL and TS EN 13948

Tema İstanbul
YDA Park Avenue Ankara
Rönesans Mecidiyeköy Plaza İstanbul
Zorlu Plaza İstanbul
Optimus Mavişehir Residences İzmir
Tuzla Piri Reis University
Sakura Park Yalova Residences
Şato Ayasaranda Hotel İzmir
Şişli Bomonti Hilton Hotel İstanbul