Unideck Ub-444 Exterior Water Based Deck Oil


It is an outdoor resistant water-based oil that can be colored and suitable for use as a top coat.

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It is used in wooden facade cladding, decks, wooden panels and garden furniture.

• Water based
• High resistance to UV rays
• Suitable for soft-hard woods
• It does not contain pesticides and mercury. Includes IPBC
• High solids content
• Provides high resistance to outdoor conditions
• Recommended number of floors: 1-2
• Consumption amount (m²/LT): 10-12
• Drying Time (20°C, 45-65% RH, 100 g/m²)
• Powder drying: 15 min
• Touch dry: 1 hour
• Ability to be sanded: 2 hours
• Waiting time between coats: 4-6 hours
• Stackability: minimum 24 hours