Art-Tex Colored Transparent Wood Primer

Brand: DÜFA

Alkyd resin based, transparent, matt, primer for wood. It is used on exterior and interior wooden surfaces. It forms film on the surface. Lead free.

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It is used to protect and color the surface of wooden exterior facades, door and window frames, shutters, balconies and stair railings, wooden ceilings and beams. The natural texture of the wood does not decay after application. It is recommended to apply with a brush to penetrate deep into the wood.

Before applying on old wood surfaces, old varnishes, dirt oil should be cleaned and surface should be sanded. The required areas should be smoothed with special wood paste or varnish saw blend. On new wooden surfaces; resin knotted parts should be burned and dirt, oil, dust etc. should be cleaned preferably with a cellulosic varnish on the surface.