Replena Rl-430 Exterıor White Primer


It is a water-based covering primer with high filling power and high outdoor durability.

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It is used in wooden facade cladding, wooden shutters, wooden doors and windows.

• Water based
• High filling power
• Insulates the wood after application
• It does not contain pesticides and mercury. Contains a high percentage of IPBC
• Reduces vomiting in wood species containing tannin and resin.
• Resistant to extreme climatic conditions
• Recommended number of floors: 1-2
• Consumption Amount (m²/ LT): 8 - 10
• Drying Time (20°C, 45-65% RH, 100 g/m²)
• Powder drying: 10 min
• Touch dry: 2 hours
• Ability to be sanded: 4 hours