Ultra Panel Door Paint

Brand: DÜFA

It is a water-based, acrylic resin-based, semi-matt, top coat panel door paint. Yellowing resistance and covering are very high. It has high wipeability and resistance against stains on the surface. Since it provides excellent adhesion, it does not cause cracking, swelling and shedding. It spreads extremely well and is very easy to apply. It is odorless and environmentally friendly.

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Panel door

The surfaces to be applied must be dry, clean, free from oil and dust. Old and swollen painted surfaces should be scraped and cleaned. Necessary surface smoothing should be done on damaged and loose surfaces. Old painted surfaces should be lightly sanded and the sanding dust on them should be cleaned. "Ultra Panel Door Paint" is ready to use. If necessary, it can be diluted with water at a maximum of 5% and applied in 2 layers with a roller or brush. A third coat can be applied if needed, depending on the color of the surface. Waiting time between coats is 4-5 hours (may vary depending on ambient temperature). The applied door wings should be kept open for at least 24 hours and should be closed after drying.

Touch dry: 50–60 minutes
Waiting between floors: 4-5 hours
Complete drying: 24 hours (23°C and 50% Humidity)

Depending on the absorbency and type of the surface, an area of ​​15-20 m² is painted in one coat. For exact consumption, field sample study should be done.