Diamond Synthetic Gloss Paint

Brand: DÜFA

Alkyd based synthetic Primer. It has perfect adhesion and no brush marks. Lead free.

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Can be applied easily on interior and exterior wall, wood, metal surface before last layer of paint applications.

1- Wall surfaces should be clean, dry and dust free. For rough surface an interior putty must be applied. Old painted surfaces should be sanded and after wards dust must be remowed from the surface. Apply an interior putty after cleaning if it is needed.
2- Metal surfaces should be sanded and after wards dust, oil must be remowed from the surfaces. For protection from rust “Silver Anti- Rust” application is recommended.
3- Wood surfaces which will be painted for the first time, should be protected by one layer of “Art-Tex Colored Transparent Wood Primer” After all surface preparation, use “Diamond Synthetic Primer” diluted wıth % 5-10 of “Thınner Synthetic”. Brush or roller can be used.

Dust Free 15-20 min.
Touch Dry 25-30 min.
Ultimate Dry 24 h.
(20 °C %45-65 RH,100 gr/m² single coat)

Approximately 11- 14 m2/l for one coat application depending on surface.