VX100.00 Ultra Transparent Glossy Castİng Epoxy

Brand: GENÇ

VX100 is a two-component, ultra-glossy and transparent casting type epoxy with high UV resistance.

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It can be easily used in the furniture industry, in the construction of table tops and in hobby work.
It can be preferred in bathroom and kitchen countertop works, painting and painting surface coating works, decorative coating of small objects such as jewelry & accessories.

• Excellent yellowing resistance
• High gloss before and after polish
• High thickness application in one go
• High resistance against scratches that may occur on the surface over time
• Minimal foam formation
• Easy to sand
• Excellent spreading and wetting on the surface
• High adhesion strength after application
• High resistance to capillary cracking

located on the surface; Remove oil, grease, dust, dirt, rust, paint, oxides, corrosion products, other foreign matter and moisture from the surface. The wood to be cast should be dried and its moisture content should be maximum 4%. For different effect and color; Mother of pearl paste (PM901.00.0800), metallic paste (PM901.00.XXXX) and Gençmix (ZD90.00.XXXX ) can be added. Technically; Mother of pearl and metallic paste can be added up to 3%, but the recommended amount is 0.5%. Drying times do not change as long as the ratio of additional paste and Gençmix does not exceed 1%. The most important factor affecting the drying time is the thickness of the applied film. Thick film dries faster.