VP900.25 Fire Retardant PU Matt Vernish

Brand: GENÇ

Fire retardant products minimize the emission of toxic gas and smoke, giving time to move away from the fire area. It slows the spread of fire.

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Public spaces (theatre, library, school, hospital, etc.)

In case of contact with flame during fire, the product swells by showing volumetric growth. After scraping the deformed surfaces with a spatula, sandpaper allows the surface to be reapplied. In order for the fire retardant certificate to be valid, fire resistant MDF, VP900.77 Fire Retardant PU Sealant and VP900.25 Fire Retardant PU Special Matte Varnish must be used together on the floor.

Before the application, the surface should be sanded with 220-400 sandpaper and cleaned of dust and other foreign substances (oil, silicone, varnish residues, etc.). Sanding should be done lightly, excessive surface abrasiveness may reduce its fire retardant properties. The ideal application is topcoat application on top of 3 layers of filler. More coats/amounts can be applied to increase durability.