This is the bagged plaster based ready machine applied plaster, which may be applied directly on the materials such as brick, concrete, exposed concrete, aerated concrete, pumice concrete etc.

Scope of Application

Interior walls


Physical form: White powder Plaster/water rate: 10 kg to 5.5-6 lt of water Usage period: 130-180 minutes Freezing period: 250-300 minutes Consumption amount: 9.0-9,5 kg/m3 (at each 1 cm thickness) Resistance: 2,5 N/mm2 (4x4x16 blocks) Flexural strength: 1,0 N/mm2 (4x4x16 blocks) Dry unit weight: 730-800 kg/m3 Reaction to fire: A1 (According to TS EN 13279 - 1) Standard: 13279-1,2 ( Type B4, applied with spraying)

Quality Assurance Certificates

TSE, ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001


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