Scope of Application

As per Fire Protection Standard by EU, for buildings over 21,5 mm height, such as high-rise-buildings, business centers, airport terminals, apartment buildings, hotels, malls, hospitals, schools, tunnels, stadiums, train and metrostations where fire protection is a must and important. Used as facade or interior wall cladding. Also used for cladding of transportaion vehichles, such as buses, trains and ships as well as interior applications.


Outer skin: 0.80 mm thick PVDF coated aluminium aloy sheet. Core made of embossed 0.40 mm thick aluminium sheet. Bottom skin made of polyester coated aluminium aloy sheet. Nominal thickness of panel: 4 mm. Weight per unit area: 4,90 kg/m². Easily workable, bent or cut. Wide choice of colours. Custom made colurs for over orders of minimum 1500 m². %100 recycable product.

Quality Assurance Certificates

ISO 9001, TSE, TSEK, GOST-R, UKRAIN, A2 Classification by ODTÜ/METU and MPA Dresden (Germany) testing laboratories. Guaranteed for 20 years with respect to painting and structural composition.


Saray A2

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