WA 55 - Door & Window System

Brand: Amanos

WA 55 profile series attracts attention with its elegant profile geometry and maximum stability. The WA 55 door and window system is compatible with the CWA 50 facade system. The system allows glazing options ranging from 4 mm to 38 mm and is suitable to use with blind. The system profiles are developed according to the Eurogroove channel structure. All types of accessories which are made suitable for this channel structure can be used in the system.

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All building types.

Glass, Aluminum

Frame Profile External Height
• Frame Profile External Height: 61-79 mm

Vent Profile External Width
• Vent Profile Minimum Width: 51 mm
• Vent Profile Maximum Width: 67 mm

Dimension Limits
• Maximum Vent Weight: 120 kg
• Maximum Vent Height (H): 240 cm
• Maximum Vent Width (W): 160 cm

Glazing Range
• Minimum Glass Thickness: 4 mm
• Maximum Glass Thickness: 38 mm

Profile Wall Thickness
• Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1,4 mm
• Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 1,8 mm

Glazing Method
• EPDM Gasket

Architectural Aesthetics
• Compatible with CWA 50 facade systems.
• Suitable for use with blinds.

• Provides high security with multi-point locking option.
• It is suitable for use with vent and glazing combinations up to 120 kg.

Manufacturing - Application Advantages
• It is easy to use in T-Profile connections with screwed vertical connection alternative.
• Corner connection is provided with 45 degree press connection.