SSA 120 - Glass Sliding System

Brand: Amanos

The SSA 120 glass sliding system is the ideal solution for projects requiring wide spans with minimal aluminium sight lines. The system is applied as standard 3 or 5 vents. Vents are opened and closed sequentially in form of collecting to each other and can be collected to the left or right as desired.

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SSA 120 glass sliding system is designed to produce suitable architectural solutions and transparent transition areas for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bakeries.

Glass, Aluminum

• It is a glass sliding system designed with threshold.
• Designed for 10 mm single glass combination.
• The systems are applied as 3 vents and 5 vents as standard.
• The vents can be collected in the left and right directions.
• The vents work with special upper and lower rollers designed for the system.
• The glasses applied in the system is full temperate.