FRA 80 - Glass Roof System

Brand: Amanos

With Kayra Metal aluminum shading system we offer you various of designs for your projects. The system is suitable for single glazing and double glazing options. The system’s carrier profiles are manufactured from aluminium. It can be painted in the desired RAL colour. In the system our custom designed, special streams and side beams are used. No notching process during the application of our designed system profiles. All system profiles are cut to 90° and in this way the ease of installation is ensured.

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By using the FRA 80 fixed glass roof systems, you can get a modern look at your restaurant, cafe, winter garden and terrace closure projects.

Glass, Aluminum

Facade Front Width
• External View: 80 mm

Glazing Range
• Minimum Glass Thickness: 8 mm
• Maximum Glass Thickness: 10 mm

Profile Wall Thickness
• Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1,8 mm
• Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 3 mm

Glazing Method
• EPDM Gasket

Architectural Aesthetics
• Does not need steel construction.
• Allows tilting up to 20 degrees.
• Capable of visual application with cover and half cover.
• The system is suitable for single glass and insulating glass combinations.
• Load bearing profiles of the system are made of aluminum.
• Painted in the desired RAL color.
• Special gutters and side beams are used in the system which are our own design.
• No notching operation is performed during application. The entire system is cut to 90° and provides ease of installation.