FAT 70 - Folding Door System

Brand: Amanos

FAT 70 folding door system enables application up to about 3.20 meters in height and about 1.30 meters in width, it provides a view of about 34 m2 when all its vents are gathered. With four different threshold detail solutions, it can be adapted to all types of floors. The vent carrying capacity of the FAT 70 folding door system is 150 kg. FAT 70 folding door system is developed to achieve minimum area loss at the application area. The system is available in outward and inward opening options and comes with the feature of zero sill application. With the insulated heat barrier system it offers a high heat and energy saving.

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All building types.

Glass, Aluminum

Frame + Vent Profile Exterior View
• Frame + Vent Profile Minimum Exterior View: 114 mm

Center Profile and Bottom Rail Exterior View
• Center Profile Width: 145 mm
• Bottom Rail Profile Minimum Height: 22 mm (4 mm in ground-fitting cases)

Dimension Limits
• Maximum Number of Vents: 7 + 1
• Maximum Vent Weight: 150 kg
• Maximum Vent Height (H): 3100 mm

Glazing Range
• Minimum Glass Thickness: 17 mm
• Maximum Glass Thickness: 56 mm

Profile Wall Thickness
• Minimum Profile Wall Thickness: 1,8 mm
• Maximum Profile Wall Thickness: 2,5 mm

Glazing Method
• EPDM Gasket

Architectural Aesthetics
• With up to 8 vent usage options it allows application in a width of more than 9 meters.
• Minimizes energy loss with its suitable structure for cold climates, insulated treshold option and 16 mm heat barrier.
• By creating an integrity between outdoor and indoor during transition seasons, it enables you to capture the most comfortable freedom of movement with minimum loss of space.

Manufacturing - Application Advantages
• Thanks to the adjustment block in the system, it allows to apply with high tolerance by preventing any defects that may arise from the structure of the area to be applied.
• Provides application and performance usage that can be adapted to all ground types with four different threshold detail solutions.
• With its high carrying capacity, it allows to move the vents up to 150 kg easily.