KHR 43 - Handrail Profiles

KHR 43 Glass Channel Railing System Accessories consist of Strut and Profile Flanges, Elbow and Return Connections, Plug and Decorated Plugs, Square Profile Wall Connections, Square and Flat Posts, Joint Connections, Square Profile Connections, Safety Line Connections, Glass Handles and Spider Connections.

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All building types

Glass, Aluminum

• It offers high standards of strength, easy application, aesthetics and unlimited vision.
• KHR43 models, which offer two different options on the floor and under floor, come to the fore with 15cm and 20cm pieces used in glass joints and with different glass compression options.
• In addition, balancing problems were eliminated with the most economical solution during the installation of the wedges. Maximum 120cm glass height and 12-22mm tempered and laminated glass can be applied.

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