SAT 120 LS - Insulated Sliding System

Brand: Amanos

SAT 120 LS system for transparent architecture with maximum comfort, maximum design-compatibility. The system offers an attractive design with lift & slide mechanism options. SAT 120 LS profile system door vent size can be installed up to 3,500 mm high as lift-and-slide door. Door vent carrying capacity is max. 400 kg. The system offers multipoint locking as security. The use of additional barrel locking will increase safety. The system is suitable for automatic lift and slide accessory use. In addition, the system provides high level comfort with its elegant flyscreen design.

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The highly thermally insulated SAT 120 LS system suits to luxury homes and large projects.

Glass, Aluminum

Profile Dimensions
• Frame Depth (min.- max. mm): 115,5-184,5
• Clamping Point Front View (mm): 110
• Profile Wall Thickness (min-max mm): 1,5-2
• Heat Barrier Thickness (mm): 12-16-24
• Glass Thickness (min-max): 4-36
• Maximum Vent Weight (max kg): 400

Opening Types
• Sliding Vent
• Lift and Slide Vent
• Single Vent Sliding
• Double Vent Sliding
• Three Vent Sliding
• Four Vent Sliding
• Six Vent Sliding
• Fixed and Sliding Vent
• Fly Screen Application

Usage Area
• Window
• Door
• Balcony Glazing
• Winter Garden

• Flush Handle
• Sliding Handle
• Axial Handle
• Lift and Slide Handle

Number of Sliding Rails
• Single Sliding Rail
• 2 Sliding Rail
• 3 Sliding Rail
• 45° Corner Frame Connection
• 45° Corner Vent Connection