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Radiant Heater | Goldsun Performa

The screened design of Goldsun Performa heaters prevent the unit from being extinguished by the wind. Thanks to the decorative wind shield of stainless steel with high temperature resistance that is mounted in front of the ceramic plates, headwinds are slowed down to a large extent. Flame sensing electrodes mounted on both sides of the units ensure burning continues under windy conditions.

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Heater Radiant heating
About the Product
1Application Area

Goldsun Performa heaters have an aesthetically pleasing and convenient design which conceals all types of cable etc. connection apparatus, allowing them to be used in a way that is architecturally inconspicuous particularly in areas such as cafés, restaurants, and sun parlors.


• 5-11 KW
• German made and patented ceramic burner plates are used in Goldsun Performa heaters. Stainless steel mesh grills mounted in front of these plates which have the highest burning and radiation efficiency in the market provide a 20% increase in efficiency of the unit.
• In Goldsun Performa heaters, the two stage burning system enables you to achieve the desired comfort level without any hassle. You can heat spaces without any discomfort, using the low or high level heating option depending on the ambient temperature.
• The reflector which is absent from many products available on the market is another component which raises the performance of Goldsun Performa heaters. This serves to focus the energy radiating from the units, directing it to the guests in the space, rather than the air.

3Quality Assurance Certificates

- CE
- 2 years warranty