Hot Air Generator | Robur K

In Robur hot air generators which automatically fire and atmospherically burn natural gas or LPG, hot combustion gases are expelled after being pulled through the inside section of the patented Robur exchanger. Ambient air is blown by the rear fan onto the exchanger that was heated by the gases passing through it, and this air is discharged into the air after being heated by the energy transferred to it by the exchangers. Since wall-mounted ROBUR series hot air generators utilize direct air-to-air heating technology, they do not have contact with any type of liquid.

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• Factories
• Workshops
• Warehouses
• Hangars
• Service stations
• Sports halls
• Mosques
• Greenhouses
• Cafés and restaurants
• Farms and other facilities

• Low nox values
• Modulated combustion
• Modulated air flow
• High efficiency up to 96%
• Constant temperature, low air velocity and sound level
• Ability to adjust the ambient temperature to 3 different degrees
• Selecting the working day and time
• Operation/fault function tracking
• Possibility of manual adjustment: min, max, medium power operation
• Possibility to operate the heater remotely with an external signal

- CE
- 2 years warranty