Radiant Heater | Goldsun CC

The protected structure of Goldsun CC ceramic plate radiant heaters prevents the device from being extinguished in the wind. The special grills resistant to high temperatures placed in front of the ceramic plates and the flame sensing electrode at both ends of the device ensure the continuation of combustion in a windy environment.

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Cafes and restaurants

• 5-11 KW
• The desired comfort level is achieved without any problems with the double-stage combustion system in the heaters. It is possible to heat without being disturbed with low or high stage heating according to the temperature of the air.
• German made and patented ceramic burner plates are used in the heaters. Thanks to the stainless steel grids installed in front of these plates, which have the highest combustion and heating efficiency in the market, the efficiency of the device increases by 20%.
• The reflector, which is not found in many products on the market, is another element that increases the performance of heaters. In this way, the energy emitted from the devices is focused and directed towards the customers in the space, not the air.
• The remote control module is provided internally. It provides control of up to 15 devices with a single remote.

- CE
- 2 years warranty