Radiant Heater | Blackheat BH

Tube Type Radiant Heaters are made up of 4 main components: Burner, Radiant Tube, Reflector, and Vacuum Fan. The gas that is burned by the burner that is at one end is pulled by the vacuum fan at the other end of the system, causing it to travel within the tube and be expelled at the point where it cools down. Thus, the gas which travels inside the radiant tube transfers its heat to the pipe. The external surface temperature of the radiant tube reaches approximately 300 °C. The radiation which begins to issue from the tube is directed downwards by means of the reflector above the tube. The rays which are directed without being affected by the air convert to heat energy the moment they strike objects (people, machinery, floor, etc.), and in this way, heating begins.

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• Factories
• Hangars
• Cafés and Restaurants
• Greenhouses
• Workshops
• Convention areas
• Showrooms
• Sports halls
• Warehouses
• Service stations
• Animal farms
• Tennis courts
• Open spaces

• 15-55 KW
• It is 30 – 50% efficient compared to central hot air blowing systems.
• Maintenance costs are extremely low.
• Electricity consumption is almost non-existent.
• It provides comfortable heating in a very short time.
• It is installed easily and in a short time.
• It works without air circulation, dust-free and noiseless.
• It can be applied to many and various constructions.
• It does not take up space, there is no need for a boiler room and personnel.
• There is no chimney construction problem and it is environmentally friendly.
• Investment costs are low.

- CE
- 2 years warranty