Infrared Heater | Goldsun Supra Plus

Supra Plus series is the ultimate in comfort heating with its built-in remote control receiver and dimmer feature. No more overheating or coldness with its 5-stage feature that can be dimmed up to 60%!

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All the parts used in our Supra series are made of rustproof and robust materials for long life. The Supra range will not exhibit any sign of degredation or deterioration even in the harshest of environmental conditions. Being fashionably designed it will fit into the esthetics of the most elegantly designed restaurant or cafe and will not disturb the eye while its struggle with the cold, keeping your customers comfortable and warm.

• 1,5-4 KW
• The parabolic reflector has been designed and developed in R&D laboratories and is shown to enhance heating efficiency by 28%. Reflecting 99% of the rays towards the target, SUPRA series helps the environment by means of minimum energy loss.
• Goldsun SUPRA PLUS heats without any danger and provides a comfortable environment thanks to its IP55 degree of water protection.
• Thanks to the two separate capacities in the SUPRA PLUS series, the heating capacity suitable for all weather conditions can be determined.

- CE
- 2 years warranty