Infrared Heater | Goldsun Aqua Plus

Aqua heaters, unlike other electric heaters on the market, are products that are resistant to rain and water, have a high radiation intensity heating capability, and can be used in outdoor environments without any problems. These products using Toshiba halogen bulbs, unlike their counterparts, have higher surface temperatures and heat more effectively when they are operated.

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Thanks to its aesthetic design and compact dimensions, Goldsun AQUA provides convenience by not occupying much space in applications such as umbrellas, porches, and gazebos.

• 1,5-3 KW
• High Intensity Infrared: Thanks to the bulb temperature of 1200°C, it meets the need for more intense and long distance heating seen in outdoor environments with the same electricity consumption.
• Waterproof Structure: Goldsun AQUA is resistant to rain and water so that it can operate smoothly in outdoor conditions.
• It does not go out in the wind: It is not affected by the wind and freezing cold, the heat is not blown away by the wind, and there is no decrease in the heating power.
• Aesthetic Design, Easy to Use: Thanks to its compact dimensions, the heater can be easily mounted in various places such as umbrellas and under porches. In addition, the device can be used by hanging it at the desired angle (horizontal, vertical, etc.).
• Instant heating in 2 seconds: Instant and trouble-free heating is provided thanks to halogen bulbs, which can reach a temperature of 1200 C in 2 seconds.
• Internal Remote Control Receiver: Aqua Plus series is the ultimate in comfort heating with its internal remote control receiver and dimmer feature. With its 5-stage feature that can be dimmed up to 60%, no more overheating or coldness!

- CE
- 2 years warranty