Hot Air Generator | Silversun Hot Air

The natural gas or LPG is passed through the gas fixture within the unit, mixed with combustion air, then burned separately within tube exchangers by means of the electronic firing module. The burned hot gasses are circulated within the exchangers with the help of a fan, and once they have cooled down, are exhausted to the outside. When tube exchangers heat up, the fan at the back of the unit starts working, takes in cool air from the environment, passes it through the exchangers and discharges the heated air back to the room. Since the room begins to heat up, the cycle continues with an ever increasing performance. When the room reaches the desired temperature, the control panel or thermostat control causes the system to stop, and to start back up when the room drops below the set temperature.

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• Factories
• Workshops
• Warehouses
• Hangars
• Service stations
• Sports halls
• Greenhouses
• Farms
• Cafés and restaurants

• 16-95 KW
• It can be operated hermetically or combustion air can be taken from inside.
• Burners in all devices have automatic ignition feature.
• Long-lasting thanks to heat exchangers made of aluminized steel.
• It does not occupy space in the work area by being mounted on the ceiling, on the shelf or on the wall.
• It can be set to summer mode and only air circulation can be provided.
• Various capacities from 16 kW to 92 kW are available.
• Maintenance and operating costs are extremely low.
• It has automatic ignition burners.

- CE
- 2 years warranty