Ultra Flexible Decorative Laminates

Brand: Lacon

This is the world’s thinnest and most flexible laminate due to the new technology in its production technique. This new technology has allowed us to create the thinnest laminate globally, to be able to produce door wings, frames, and mouldings with the same material, with the same colour or texture. This product is ideally used in indoors, skirts, door frames, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This product is used in various surfaces in finishing and furniture industry. Because this product is suitable for flat lamination lines and high-speed profile machinery, it saves precious time in big volume projects that contain doors and kitchen furniture. It’s abrasion and scratching toughness are outstanding. It is strong against dry heat, acids, dust,and it is easily cleaned, same as traditional laminates.

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This product is used in hotel room doors, hotel room furnitures, frames, mouldings, wings and skirts, hospital room doors and furnitures, residence room doors, shaft caps, mailboxes, elevator cabins, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, office table and cabinets, store furnitures, and in finishing and furniture sector

Our La-Con laminates are different than traditional laminates, and new for our country, for Europe, and for the World, due to the newly developed resins and production technology. Our ultra-flexible laminates differ in thickness depending on the machinery to be used; 0,10 mm, 0,15 mm, 0,20 mm, 0,25 mm, and 0,30 mm ultra-flexible laminates are presented with a wide variety of colour and texture choices. Compared to PVC, Acrylic, lacquer, polished surfaces, our abrasion, scratching and discolouring resistances are very high. Microflex, Slimsoft, Microtrim, Lignoslim, Lignoflex are the different material choices. The goal of our products is to produce big volumes in little time.

FSC, UNI 9427, UNI ISO 4892, UNI 9428, EN717-2, UNI 9194

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