Exterior Grade Compact Laminates

Brand: Lamicolor

This product is a massive compact laminate for exterior facade applications. It is used in curtain walls by steel construction or by glue. It is extremely resistant to UV light, acid rains, abrasions and scratching, and fire. It does not require any kind of maintenance such as painting. It has 10 years guarantee of discoloration. Application thicknesses are 6-8-10 mm

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Exterior curtain walls of buildings as exterior facades. Balcony facades, city furnitures (banks), Metro train station walls and sitting units, airport furnitures and Wall claddings, fast-food chain exterior furnitures, children playground furnitures, etc

These products are flame retardent.
They have 10 years discoloration guarantee.
Sizes are 305*130 cm, 420*130 cm, 244*122 cm, 420*161 cm
For exerior facade applications, thicknesses are 6-8-10 mm.
For other purposses, thicknesses are 2-4-6-8-10-12-14 mm.

Europe Norm 438/2, EN ISO 178, EN ISO 527, EN ISO 1183, CE / FSC / PEFC / MED / Lloyd’s Register