Artist Pattern Copper Laminates

Brand: Dekodur

They are oxidized metal laminates in the natural environment. The technique of natural polishing of copper allowed international artists to decorate their copper panels with patina (copper mold), filigree structures (wirework-filigree) and dynamic shapes. As a result, a unique series emerged with each motif.

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Kitchen furniture, bank decorations, waiting rooms, office furniture, shopping malls, airports, metro-bus stations, yacht - boat and ship decorations, shops, business centers, hotels, elevator cabins, buildings, shop windows, door surfaces, column coatings, It is used as a decorative surface coating on entrance counters.

At the Dekodur factory in Germany, the raw materials of the materials are prepared using natural copper. With very high pressure and temperature (HPML), the longest-lasting laminate sheets offered by modern technology are produced in slabs.

It is examined by the curious and meticulous eyes of the quality control department and presented to the artists.

Artist Philippe Wodianyk and Fernando Araujo da Silva processes the prepared copper laminate sheets and forwards them to the technical teams for oxidation processes.

The plates are colored by oxidation with natural tones of copper. Copper surfaces are sealed after oxidation, covered with protective foil, and brought to our stocks to be applied in projects.