Multicolor Multialuminium Compakt Laminate

Brand: Lamicolor

The desire to use Compact Laminates for different purposes has led to different production methods and new product results. In Multicolor and Multialuminium Compact Laminates, different decorative effects are created using different colors or aluminum sheets per millimeter. The edges can be miter cut or soft lines can be obtained by giving side turning angles.

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It is an innovation in table top, office furniture, fastfood tables, game halls and kitchen worktops.

It has characteristic compact laminate properties.

EUROPE NORM 438, UNI 8457, UNI 9174, UNI 9177, BS 476-7, ISO 1183, EN 12721, FSC, PEFC, CE, MED, LAPI, Lloyd’s Register, CATAS