Kitchen Countertops, Cupboard Covers, Table Tops

Brand: Berk Lamicolor Mutfak Tezgahı

Kitchen worktops; 28-30-38 mm thick green chipboard / MDF / chipboard / marin on the counter; The front side of Lamicolor laminate is pressed with the back side of Lamicolor balancing laminate. Lamicolor laminate kitchen countertop colors can be selected from the new trend color collection. Kitchen counter length dimensions: 280/366/410/420 cm Width dimensions: 61 cm standard width or can be produced in the desired size. Cabinet covers and table tops; Lamicolor laminate on the chipboard / MDF / counter over 18 - 38 mm thickness Lamicolor laminate back side is pressed with Lamicolor balancing laminate. Lamicolor laminate can be selected from a wide range of colors.

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Bathroom-kitchen benches, kitchen-bathroom cabinet doors, home-office-school tables, laminate bar benches, hospital furniture, recreational facilities, laboratories, warehouse shelves, product shelves of large stores, waiting rooms, office furniture, table tops, exhibition stands, fastfood tables, game halls, yacht-boat-ship decorations, control panels, baseboards, impact bands for hospitals and schools

Lamicolor laminate countertops are resistant to scratches, abrasion and impact.
HPL plate is produced from laminates, it is antistatic, antidust (dust proof), cigarette fire and flame resistant. Wear and stain retention properties have maximum values. Provides hygiene and sterile conditions. It is not affected by ultraviolet rays and acids. It does not require any cleaning and maintenance costs. Resistant to moisture.

EN 438, EN 12721, ISO 1183, CATAS