Postforming Laminate

Brand: Lamicolor

Lamicolor postforming laminates are comprised of several sheets of Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins, plus a sheet of decorative paper and a cellulose overlay impregnated with special melamine resins. Its specific feature is that it can be postformed – into convex or concave curved forms – using heat (temperature from 150°C to 180°C, according to the technique used and the curve radius required).

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It is an ideal design material for creating rounded edges on unit doors, shelves, side panels, work-tops, counters and any other type of furniture part or unit, where it also reduces the hazard of sharp edges and corners.

The Lamicolor high pressure laminate [hpl] is antistatic, antidust, non-flammable and flame resistant. Wear and stain retention properties have maximum values. It is an ideal material for places that require hygienic and sterile conditions. It is not affected by ultraviolet rays and acids. It does not require any cost for cleaning and maintenance. Resistant to moisture. 450 colors of lamicolor laminate 25 different surface variety and different color combinations are created.
Dimensions: 244x122 cm - 280x130 cm - 305x130 cm - 420x130 cm - 420x161 cm

EUROPE NORM 438, UNI 8457, UNI 9174, UNI 9177, BS 476-7, ISO 1183, EN 12721, FSC, PEFC, CE, MED, LAPI, Lloyd’s Register, CATAS

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