Fire Rated Laminate

Brand: Lamicolor

Lamicolor Laminates are not easily flammable. Euro-B class fire resistant. In some special buildings (hotels, airports, schools, cinemas, etc.), extra laminate with fire resistance may be required. For these requirements, Lamicolor AE Euro Class can be produced in the same colors and designs as A class. The laminate thickness cannot be less than 0.9 mm and the technical manufacturing processes are different. Provides longer fire resistance.

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Lamicolor Laminate is used in many areas as decorative surface coating for finishing and finishing works. Used in hotel room door surface coating, hotel general areas, doors, counter, wall covering and fixed furniture surfaces. Hospital room furniture bed headboards, hospital room doors and counters surface coverings, wall and column cladding panels, office and store decoration, office furniture, desk, meeting table, cabinet and wall furniture, wall counters, shelves and dividing panels of stores, exterior of buildings facade cladding, WC cabinets, school furniture, hospital stationary furniture, government buildings, hotels, airport etc.
general locations.

Dimensions: 244x122 cm - 280x130 cm - 305x130 cm - 420x130 cm - 420x161 cm
Fire-retardant laminate: Flame retardant, European norm Class1 and Class2

EUROPE NORM 438, UNI 8457, FSC, PEFC, CE, MED, LAPI, Lloyd’s Register, CATAS