Brand: Medepan

Raw MDF (medium density fiberboard) is used in high quality furniture and interior design applications. Supports edge profiling and surface treatment. It also contains low formaldehyde. It has suitability for profile application, high edge stability, good density profile, high bending resistance, strong body structure, balanced fiber distribution, high surface quality, high static loading capacity and low swelling value. It is used in furniture, interior decoration and 3D front panels. Melamine film and laminate can be coated on the surface, coating and foil can be adhered, lacquer paint can be applied.

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• MDF is an alternative to solid wood in many applications.
• Membrane and acrylic covers are produced from milled MDF.
• It is used as a floor in decorative foil, PVC, wood coverings.
• Used in all living areas such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, bedrooms, offices.
• Used as a door panel.
• Used in the production of profile and drawer fronts.
• It can be used as a ready-to-use product for manufacturers by coating one-sided or two-sided surfaces, as the surface density is high and slightly rough.

• Material: MDF
• Width: 1220-2800 mm
Length: 1830-4200 mm
Thickness: 3-40 mm

TSE, E0, E1, CE, Hygiene, Domestic Goods