Brand: Teknopan, Yongapan

Yongapan & Teknopan raw chipboards consist of a durable middle layer and smooth surfaces. It is perfect for various laminate applications and is ideal for many different applications with its low formaldehyde content body structures. Smooth surface, light colored wood effect, high surface durability, low dust content, high stability, very good lamination characteristics, square shape provides clean and particle-free operation. It is suitable for furniture, interior decoration and all kinds of finishes. Melamine film can be applied. Laminate can be covered.

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Furniture, interior decoration, laminate coating, foil, kitchen furniture, office furniture, etc.
• Melamine film and laminate can be coated on the surface.
• Coating and foil can be adhered.

• Material: Particleboard
• Width: 1830-2800 mm
• Length: 2200-5620 mm
• Thickness: 6-40 mm

TSE, E0, E1, CE, Hygiene, Domestic Goods