Laminate Worktop | Technotop

Brand: Technotop

Technotop laminate countertop panels, which are versatile kitchen and bathroom worktops, are produced with modern machinery and the latest technology, using Teknopan and Teknopan-Mr (moisture resistant) chipboards and Cpl / Hpl laminate. The laminate used on the upper surface and the layer on the lower surface of the counter protect the counter from moisture and water. With this feature, it is an excellent choice in places such as kitchens and bathrooms where hygiene is very important. Technotop benches; It is an excellent alternative in terms of price compared to acrylic based, granite and marble countertops. In addition, countertops are resistant to scratches, heat, steam, water, stain, impact and abrasion. It can be cleaned easily. Decors and surfaces offer comfortable and easy selection for modern applications. Among the decors consisting of approximately 70 colors, plain and wooden ones are fully compatible with Teknolam and Medelam colors.

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It is used in kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, office tables, restaurants, cafeteria tables and counters.

• Material: Laminate coated moisture resistant particle board
Width: 600, 630, 900, 1200 mm
Length: 2800, 4100 mm
• Thickness: 28 mm (4 radius), 38 mm (3 radius)
• DECORATIVE LAMINATE TOP SURFACE: It is resistant to impact, abrasion and scratching. HGP (general purpose postforming used on horizontal surfaces) laminates according to EN 438 are used on the upper surface.
• PVC EDGE BAND: It protects the back part extra against moisture and water.
• CHIPBOARD: E1 is harmless to human health.
• MDF BAND: Provides extra protection against impact.
• DRIPPING: Coated with polyurethane hot-melt, it prevents water droplets coming from the upper surface from passing to the lower surface.
• BALANCE PAPER: It is a moisture and water resistant barrier paper.

TSE, E0, E1, CE, Hygiene, Domestic Goods