Anti-Scratch Acrylic Coated Panel

Acrylic sheets; They are PVC-free surfaces made of ABS / PMMA. It is covered with a lamination method on the MDF surface. Senosan AM 1800 TopX Scratch Resistant acrylic plates with high scratch resistance are used on the front surface of the plates. The back side is covered with lining plates in the same color as the front face. Acrylic Panel; It stands out as an environmentally friendly and safe product with its high gloss level, high resistance to scratches and UV rays. Acrylic Panel, where small scratches can be easily removed with polish, impresses with its resistance to household chemicals.

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Suitable for indoor use (Office, kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes, etc.)

• Material: Anti-scratch acrylic coated MDF
• Dimensions: 1220x2800x8-18 mm

TSE, E0, E1, CE, Hygiene, Domestic Goods