Acrylic Lacquered Glossy Panel | Glossmax

Brand: Glossmax

Glossmax panels (high gloss panels) are wooden panels with a decorative glossy surface obtained by applying PUR glue and Acrylic UV lacquer to the surface of melamine-coated MDF or chipboard by going through various industrial processes with an advanced and unique technology. With the lacquer applied after chemical curing of the hot coating process, which provides an excellent adhesion to the melamine coated surface, a more durable surface with scratch and abrasion resistance is obtained compared to other glossy surfaces. In addition, the upper layer hardened by UV rays is also resistant to fading * and chemicals. In this way, a perfect mirror shine is obtained. This technology offers a solution that opens new avenues in surface coating, emphasizes the natural appearance and texture of the solid wood, and facilitates the application of surface finishing. Glossmax glossy sheet, resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches, reflects the naturalness of wood, while enriching your space with a mirror shine with different color options. Glossmax glossy plate products, which can be used as a symbol of elegance and quality in furniture production, started a new era in the sector with its technology that preserves its bright appearance for a long time.

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Suitable for indoor use (kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, bedroom, wardrobe, teenager's room, office furniture, decoration and all modular products, etc.)

• Material: Melamine coated glossy MDF / Particleboard with UV acrylic lacquer
• Dimensions: 2100x2800x8-18 mm

TSE, E0, E1, CE, Hygiene, Domestic Goods