Laminate Flooring | Artfloor

Brand: Artfloor

The impregnation of the paper layers used in the production of Artfloor laminate flooring is carried out on machines equipped with the latest technology. During the impregnation process, chemicals that will give resistance to abrasion, scratching, UV rays, brightness, moisture resistance are loaded on the paper layers.

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• Laminate flooring is an alternative to solid parquet and laminated parquet.
• Suitable for indoor use such as home, office, store.

• Width: 159, 160, 193, 197, 406 mm
• Length: 1205,1206,1295,1380 mm
• Thickness: 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 mm
• Class: 31,32,33
• Abrasion Resistance: AC3, AC4, AC5
• Parquet panels can be reused thanks to the attachment and detachment system.
• It is applied in showrooms, stores, showcases and fairgrounds in a short time and allows decoration change.
• Artfloor Click laminate flooring is moisture resistant as it is impregnated on all four sides.
• It saves time and labor with its fast and easy assembly feature.
• The glueless mounting system ensures that the surfaces remain spotless and clean.
• The perfect locking technology of Artfloor Click laminate flooring provides a problem-free floor that does not open over time.
• Artfloor Click laminate flooring provides an advantage for after-sales with its 10-year warranty.

TSE, E0, E1, CE, Hygiene