WC | AquaClean Sela

Brand: Geberit

The new AquaClean Sela, designed by British designer Christoph Behling, adds elegance and elegance to bathrooms. It turns the bathrooms into a work of art. Offering advanced technologies, Sela never loses the excitement and admiration of its users with its revolutionary features. With its 145 years of experience, Geberit offers maximum comfort and hygiene with Sela, which it developed using the latest technology.

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Residential and commercial areas

Geberit AquaClean Sela is available in two colors: white and bright chrome. AquaClean Sela also offers a revolutionary innovation in the spray functionality of smart toilets. Featuring a vibrating spray reinforced with dynamic ventilation from the patented WhirlSpray bidet technology, Sela uses two spray nozzles to ensure extremely gentle cleaning. Hybrid hot water system provides fast and continuous hot water. WhirlSpray technology provides a hygienic 37 degree degree of bidet. Designed with maximum hygiene in all its details, Sela provides a soft touch by offering special spraying feature to women. Another important point is the Rimfree toilet without AquaClean Sela technology. The innovative TurboFlush flush technology ensures extremely delicate and quiet washing of the toilet. Includes a user-friendly remote control. The remote control can be individually adjusted. It offers 4 different memory options.