Shower Floor | Geberit Olona

Brand: Geberit

The new Geberit Olona shower floor is made of high quality surface material. The advantages of the product material are felt right from the first touch. Compared to metal, glass or ceramic, the Geberit Olona shower floor creates a silky feel to the touch. Thanks to its non-porous and smooth surface, the floor is very easy to clean. The number of parts required for assembly is kept to a minimum. The mounting profile and insulating cloth come pre-assembled from the factory.

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Residential bathrooms, shared shower areas

Easy to clean and wet anti-slip class B surface
Pre-assembled insulating cloth
Special frame and feet for easy assembly
Sizes: 80x100, 80x120, 80x140, 90x90, 90x100, 90x120, 90x140, 100x100, 100x120, 100x140, 120x120