Built-in Battery | Geberit Brenta

Brand: Geberit

Built-in taps are solutions specially developed for public and commercial spaces. In addition to being more aesthetically attractive, they create more hand washing area and a more hygienic environment than counter-top solutions. It easily adapts to different washbasin models and allows easy cleaning of sinks. The control box of photocell Geberit faucets provides flexibility in situations where space is limited. Standard operating modes can be changed at any time. As the function box is physically separate from the battery, there is no risk of damage due to moisture or vandalism.

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Commercial and public spaces

• Brass body, chrome plated
• Single water inlet and double water inlet options
• Battery powered, electrical or generator options
• Two different length options, 17 and 22 cm
• Safer operation with two sensors

ISO, EN60335, LGA, CE