Reservoir | Monolith Plus

Brand: Geberit

Offering the perfect combination of form and functionality, award-winning Geberit Monolith models bring a fresh breath to bathroom design. The scent unit provides fresh air and freshness to your bathroom. Geberit Monolith Plus reservoir module adds elegance to your bathroom while providing this feeling of spaciousness. Monolith Plus is compatible with all wall-hung and floor-standing WCs and Geberit AquaClean models. Geberit Monolith Plus is easily installed if there is an electrical connection. Since all parts are easily accessible, service and maintenance is easily provided. In the dark, the LED light unit provides soft illumination as the user approaches the Monolith Plus. The color and intensity of the light can be adjusted to taste. Stylish, touch keys allow the discharge process to be initiated quietly.

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For renovations and new buildings, instead of citerns and concealed cisterns. (Max. 23 cm drain gap)

For wall-hang and floor standing WC
Two different height alternatives 114 - 101 cm
Double flush with touch buttons 3lt / 4,5 and 6 lt
Brightness sensor for day/night detection
Comfortlight feature with 5 different color options
Odor remove function with ceramic filter
Automatic on/off function with sensor

ISO, CE, Well