WC | AquaClean Pasture

Brand: Geberit

Geberit AquaClean Mera offers maximum comfort with its revolutionary technology. Patented WhirlSpray bidet technology saves water, especially while performing a thorough and gentle cleaning. Hybrid hot water system provides fast and continuous hot water. Another important point is AquaClean Mera's ductless toilet bowl technology. The innovative TurboFlush flush technology ensures an extremely gentle and silent flushing of the toilet. Geberit AquaClean Mera is available in 2 models, Classic and Comfort. The impressive AquaClean Mera Classic is equipped with very high standards. It includes a highly effective scent unit, intelligent warm air dryer and a user-friendly remote control to suit your personal preferences. The Comfort model also offers a directional light, a smart toilet seat that automatically opens and closes, and toilet seat heating so that users do not sleep at night.

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Residential and commercial areas

With WhirlSpray technology, it provides hygienic bidet at 37 degrees.
It provides instant and continuous hot water thanks to its hybrid hot water system.
Water temperature and flow rate can be adjusted.
Bidet function is made with a special bidet pipe.
It provides drying with adjustable hot air.
The distance of the arm sending the bidet water can be adjusted according to the person.
It performs maximum comfortable bidet operation with its back and forth moving water spray feature.
It can store individual settings in the remote control memory. There are four different memory features.
It removes bad odors in the toilet with automatic ventilation option.
With TurboFlush technology, it provides easy cleaning with silent and channelless sanitary ware.
Before and after each use, sterilization of bidet tube is provided.
It can be controlled by remote control.
The cover is equipped with a suspension closing feature in order to prevent severe impacts and thus noise.
It has a descaling cleaning function.
It provides ambient lighting with different color and light intensity.
A high quality Duraplast cover with adjustable rapid heating is used.
The automatic opening and closing toilet seat provides hygienic use.