Siphonic Roof Rainwater Drainage System | Geberit Pluvia

Brand: Geberit

Geberit Pluvia drains the rainwater from the roof reliably and efficiently. When creating the system, less material and space is used compared to conventional systems. Providing innovative details and professional service with its excellent technology, Geberit sets new standards in terms of reliability and cost efficiency for years and presents this to you starting from the planning phase. It is put into service with a new turn and lock mechanism that provides easy assembly and maintenance.

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• Fewer roof outlets due to high discharge rate
• Increased planning flexibility by saving on stacks
• Maximum use of space due to horizontal pipelines without slopes
• More compact construction and an ergonomic design for all Geberit roof outlets compared with predecessors
• New rotating lock bar for easy installation and maintenance
• Extra-long Geberit HDPE straight connector for higher insulation thicknesses

Vodafone Arena, Istanbul, Turkey
Baku Stadium, Baku, Azerbaijan
3. Airport, Istanbul, Turkey