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Stucanet Lath

Brand: Stucanet

Stucanet® can be used as a drywall alternative. This stucco lath solution is made from a galvanized or stainless steel welded wire mesh into which a moisture absorbent sheet of chip paper is interwoven. The chip paper assists with the wet adhesion and curing of the mortar and the perforations allow the mortar to perfectly bond around the steel wires, resulting in firm anchoring of the mortar.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, schools, public buildings, military facilities, industrial buildings, structural reinforcements




Stucanet® is well suited for all plastering, using
either with lime-cement mortars, cementmortars or gipsum plaster. When applying Stucanet® on outside walls, it is also possible to use lime-sand-cement mortars.
• Very light and strong
• Easy and quick to fx on to any kind of support
• Unlimited creativity
• Perfect bond of the mortar thanks to a unique stable render support
• Easy to shape and durable

Stucanet® is a lath made from a galvanised welded wire mesh into which an absorbent sheet of perforated chip paper is interwoven. The perforations in the chip paper allow an optimal key of the mortar around the galvanized wires.

Wire dia 1.50 mm, mesh sizes 38x50 mm, tensile strength 550 N/mm2, zinc coating 60 gr/m2
Types of Stucanet®
Stucanet® 33: • 2 parallel wires for fixing
Stucanet® S,SE: • For ceilings, walls and curved shapes. SE is the Stucanet® S type which is manufactured with stainless steel wire
Stucanet® 80: • For flat ceilings and walls
Stucanet® SH: • With waterproof bitumen paper
• is the appropriate lath for external applications when moisture ingress is a concern

4Quality Assurance Certificates

- DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
Stucanet®is certified according to ISO 9001, EN 13658-1, EN 13658-2