Dramix 4D

Brand: Dramix

Dramix® 4D series was designed for superior serviceability performance and optimized for combined reinforcement solutions. It is also an ideal reinforcement solution for a wide range of structural applications. Engineered for aggressive crack control, its unique combination of extra-high tensile wire strength and engineered end-anchorage enables Dramix® 4D series to effectively confine crack widths to as little as 0.1 mm, creating durable and liquid-tight structures. Offering excellent post-crack behavior, the design of Dramix® 4D series was optimized for high-strength concrete classes up to C70. Dramix® 4D series exhibits highly effective anchorage and extra high tensile strength

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Shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, schools, public buildings, military facilities, industrial buildings, structural reinforcements


Dramix® 4D series provides a high-performing and an economical solution for:
> Joint-free seamless floors
> Combislabs merging the benefits of fiber and conventional reinforcement
> Pavements
> Marine structures
> Floors in biologically and chemically isolated environments

Tensile breaking strength of 1450 N/mm2 steel fibers, produced at a thickness of 30-35-60mm and with lengths of 0.75-0.90-1.05mm steel fibers for reinforced concrete.

Lenght : 30 / 35 / 60 mm Diameter : 0.75 / 0.90 / 1.05 mm Tensile strenght : 1450 N/mm4

Dramix® complies with ASTM A820, ISO 13270 Class A and EN 14889-1. All Dramix® production facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
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