Murfor RND/Z Masonry Reinforcement

Brand: Murfor

Murfor® RND is the masonry reinforcement solution from industry specialist Bekaert that will allow you to perform your masonry works in full confdence. Murfor® RND is a normal bed joint reinforcement consisting of two parallel wires welded together with a continuous truss wire. Complying with today’s toughest industry standards, Murfor® RND signifcantly increases the strength of your masonry andthe integrity of your construction.

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Shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, schools, public buildings, military facilities, industrial buildings, structural reinforcements


Combining its excellent performance with
cost-effectiveness, Murfor® RND offers you
and your construction projects:
• new architectural possibilities
• structural performance
• crack control

Murfor® RND Welded wire meshwork bed joint reinforcement in structural uses in wall and partitions as covered in the scope of EN 845-3: 2013+A1: 2016

Murfor® RND/Z-5-50 Width 50mm øLongitudinal 50mm Length 3050mm Weight 1.213 kg Area 49.37mm2 580 N/mm2
Murfor® RND/Z-5-100 Width 50mm øLongitudinal 100mm Length 3050mm Weight 1.234 kg Area 49.37mm2 580 N/mm2
Murfor® RND/Z-5-150 Width 50mm øLongitudinal 150mm Length 3050mm Weight 1.268 kg Area 49.37mm2 580 N/mm2

- DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
- KOMO_HLO IKB1239_kv15
- CE_labels Murfor®RND
- CE_Declaration of Conformity
- CE_Declaration of Performance