Murfor Compact I Masonry Reinforcement

Brand: Murfor

This new generation, CE-marked masonry reinforcement consists of a sturdy steel cord mesh, which you easily roll out onto the joints to create a masonry composite. 1) Fast and simple installation 2) Efficient and durable crack control 3) Easy to stack and transport 4) Accommodates any wall width. The unique structure and user-friendly size of Murfor® Compact not only enhances the strength of your construction, it also optimizes your building process and use of materials.

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Shopping malls, hospitals, stadiums, schools, public buildings, military facilities, industrial buildings, structural reinforcements


Murfor® Compact controls cracks and strengthens your masonry. The sturdy mesh of steel cords has exceptionally high yield strength, with Murfor® Compact I offering more than 1770 MPa. Murfor® Compact can be used for any wall width. The reinforcement is available in two convenient width options that can be easily combined to reinforce any wall width.

Murfor® Compact I masonry reinforcement consists of steel cord mesh and interwoven fiberglass roving. Murfor® Compact I is suitable for all trypes of mortar joints. There are 2 types of Murfor® Compact I; I-50 with 7 cords and I-100 with 14 cords.

Murfor® Compact I-50; Width 50 mm, Thickness 1.75 mm, Roll length 30 m, Weight 1.40 kg/rulo, Area 4.83 mm2, Yield strength min 1770 MPa
Murfor® Compact I-100; Width 100 mm, Thickness 1.75 mm, Roll length 30 m, Weight 2.77 kg/rulo, Area 9.66 mm2, Yield strength min 1770 MPa

- DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
- Murfor® Compact A, Compact E and Compact I joint reinforcements evaluated in IAPMO UES ER-516 are a satisfactory alternative to the following codes and regulations:
• 2017 Florida Building Code, Building (FBC, Building)
• 2017 Florida Building Code, Residential (FBC, Residential)
- Murfor® Compact has ETA 18/0316 Version 01 Date of issue: 2018-06-19 approval
- CE_labels Murfor®Compact
- CE_Declaration of Conformity
- CE_Declaration of Performance