Insulation Board | AssanWool

It has the A1 fire-proof material class according to TS EN 13501-1. It offers acoustic solutions with Class A sound absorption performance. It is not affected by temperature transitions that may occur due to dimensional stability. AssanWool has a water repellent feature. It is produced from natural raw materials, contributes to sustainability, is ecological and environmentally friendly.

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• Thermal insulation for façades and exterior walls,
• Thermal insulation of cold and hot roofs,
• Partition walls for acoustic solutions and sound insulation,
• Industrial furnaces (up to 700 °C),
• Refineries,
• Steel doors (for sound and fire insulation purposes),
• Ships,
• Entertainment centers (for sound and fire safety),
• Studios,
• Conference rooms, cinemas etc. areas.

• Standard Thermal insulation products for buildings - Factory made mineral wool (MW) products
• Description Mineral wool - Thermal insulation material formed by melting of basalt stone at 1350°C-1400°C into fiber -For thermal, sound and fire insulation
• Areas of Usage Used for thermal, sound and fire insulation for external walls.